Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Dear Mr.Hiap,
These are the roles:

Jonathan Liew
Marcus Choy
Anapana Dinesh Kumar
Chan Wen Loong

Marketing Manager:

Operation Manager:
Zhen Yang

Finance Manager:
Hong Kai
Yong Rong

Production Manager:
Zhi Kai

Monday, 14 October 2013

Roles & Time Allocation

IE Bazaar 2013 - Roles and Time Allocation



Time Slot
Name of Student / Contact Number
0900 – 1000
Chief Executive Officer

Finance Manager

Marketing Manager

Operations Manager

Production Manager

1000 – 1030
Chief Executive Officer

Finance Manager

Marketing Manager

Operations Manager

Production Manager

1030 – 1100
Chief Executive Officer

Finance Manager

Marketing Manager

Operations Manager

Production Manager

1100 – 1130
Chief Executive Officer

Finance Manager

Marketing Manager

Operations Manager

Production Manager

*Set-up: 0900-0930am (Set-up by all students of respective classes)
Shift 1: 0930-1000am
Shift 2: 1000-1030am
Shift 3: 1030-1100am
Shift 4: 1100-1130am
Shift 5: 1130-1200pm (All Finance Managers of each class are to proceed to Learning Oasis 1 for reimbursement of funds at 12:00pm)
Clearing-up: 1200-1230pm (By all students of respective classes)

Roles for Bazaar

The roles for the bazaar are as follows. Please put in the people you remember from the day Mr.Hiap put us in different groups in the comments.



/*Marketing manager

/*Finance manager

/*Operations manager

/*Production manager

Saturday, 5 October 2013

I&E Bazaar

Materials needed:
1. Tables (X2)
2. Cups (X3)
3. NERF Gun (X2)
4. Markers (X4)
5. Ping Pong Balls (X3)
6. Tennis Balls (X2)
7. Boxes (X20)
8. Cardboard (X10)
9. Loud speaker (X2)
10. Nothbooks (

Chief Executive Officer: Jonathan Liew
Finance Manager: Veena Dinesh Wadhwani
Marketing Manager: Sneha Vinod
Production Manager: Pang Zhi Kai
Operation Manager: Wong Zhen Yang & Olivia Monteiro Chuanxi

PART A (Preparation)
For the reception, have 1 table. The Finance Manager, Veena Dinesh Wadhwani, will be there, selling the coupons.

Pang Zhi Kai, the Production Manager, will have to be stationed at the stall, next to Veena Dinesh Wadhwani, attending to the customers. He will be in charge of maintaining that the customers are served, and as it is a game station, he is the main player in the success of this stall.

The Marketing Manager, Sneha Vinod will be the one who makes all the posters, advertisements, and other ways to attract customers to our stall. However, she may be free during the actual day itself and she will be helping Pang Zhi Kai with the games, but part 2.

Wong Zhen Yang & Olivia Monterio Chuanxi are both the Publicity Managers. They are to attract customers to our booth and persuade others to play our games. Therefore, to get other's attention, they will be equipped with a Loud speaker each. Also, Wong Zhen Yang may have some "cardboard clothes" on him, where it will display "COME TO S1-05's BOOTH NOW AND YOU MAY BE THE LUCKY WINNER OF A NERF GUN!"

As for me, I am the Chief Executive Officer, and I will be in charge of this entire project. I will have to make sure that everyone is ready and prepared for their roles and scold them if I have to.

The game is played like this:
The customers queue up at the first table, where Veena Dinesh Wadhwani is stationed, They will pay her $2 for 2 "BULLETS OF LUCK" and $5 for 6 "BULLETS OF LUCK"
With the coupons, they will pass it to  Pang Zhi Kai and he will make arrangements to allow the customers to proceed on and play the game.

The customer will have a NERF gun and they will have to shoot down the cups placed infront of them on the table. The cup they shoot down will have a ping pong ball inside, with a few words inscribed on them. Those words will affect the person's game.
eg. Person A plays. He shoots a cup down with a you win. He gets a prize

The second part of the game will be where if you shoot down a cup and the ping pong ball with the words inscribed "Go to the next level". It will be Sneha Vinod manning that area. The part she will be playing is where a few pictures are drawn on cardboard and cut out. Then, they will be pasted on the boxes. (The boxes are those which are found in the staff room) The player will have to knock down the most boxes with only 2 tennis balls.

Finally, once the game is over, Sneha Vinod or Pang Zhi Kai will get the name, class of the player and write his score down. At the end of the day, the highest scorer will win a NERF Gun.

Amount of money required (Estimate): Around $100
                                                       >Not confirmed

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

IE Bazaar Presentation / Timeline

Hello All,

Please post the confirmation of the
i) type of stall - game / food / drink / service
ii) brief description of stall

Eunice (S1-04) / Elvis (S1-05) will post-up the groups and allocated roles.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Marketing Manager (MM),
Finance Manager (FM),
Operations Manager (OM),
Production Manager (PM)

*CEO will be PM if group is made up of 4 students.

Each role will present their ideas at next Tuesday's (23rd Sept) lesson. 
All Chief Executive Officers to present what needs to be set-up, during operations and clear-up and clean up.
All Production Managers will present what stock needs to be bought. 
All Operations Managers will present what processes are necessary for the stall.
All Finance Managers will present the pricing plans.
All Marketing Managers will present the publicity plans and materials.

Week 1: Brain writing of ideas for stall for your class. Confirmation of stall.
Week 2: Confirmation of roles, duties.  Class Presentation.
Week 3: EOY Exams.
Week 4: Marketing / Advertising materials. Sourcing of stock. Preparation of publicity materials.  Preparation of stock / product.
Week 5: Final preparations (Mon)Creating Publicity, Actual Event (Wed)

Thank you.
Mr. Hiap

Monday, 16 September 2013

Reflections - Exploring Entreprenuership camp- Marcus 9 S1-05

3 Things  I have learnt

  • The 4Ps
  • How to write a business plan
  • How to create a business wisely even without resources
2 Experience I have gained
  • Presenting to the lectures in Ngee Ann Poly
  • Writing and Presenting my first business plan
1 lesson you can apply on upcoming I&E Bazar
  • Planning the cost of production and make use of the resources I have

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Reflections - Exploring Entreprenuership camp

  • Write about 3 things you learnt
  • Write about 2 experiences you gained
  • 1 lesson you can apply on upcoming I&E Bazaar