Thursday, 31 January 2013

Homework (Term1, Week 4)

1. Infinite Space
What is the video trying to tell you about innovation? View the video here

2. Give an example of a connection between 2 things and how one / two of them inspired an innovation. (You can include pictures by uploading as a separate post).

3. Post your comments on what you think about the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” by Leonardo Da Vinci

Post your comments (include your name, question number) as a thread to this post.

Date Due: Tuesday, 5 February, 9:00pm

Monday, 28 January 2013

i feel that this is a good innovation as butter is fery hard for me to get onto bread. it always gets in lumps on the bread and makes it one part salty one part bland. with this innovation, it makes it much easier to put butter on bread.
(now........ if only they can do this with nuttela..........)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Crazy invention Elvis

A double sided stool. It is uses to sit and if one side is wer, it can be turned over to the dry side. I believe it could be used to dry fish or dry items outside. It can be further innovated to automatic turning so that if it rains, it will turn to the other side so that the items will not be wet.

Disclaimer: The photo is not own by me but is the properties of its respective owners.

Monday, 21 January 2013

This chopstick has a clip on it that securely grips the noodles tightly.
I think it can also be used as a paper clip to securely secure documents. Although it 
would be bulky if it were to be used in that way, it would also be fashionable and reliable. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013



Innovation is upgrading the items to meet the customer's needs. It take a lot of risks and the developer must be able to withstand setbacks. For your innovative product to be successful, we need someone good at marketing.

Invention (Arkar)

This fork has a pizza cutter. It allows you to cut and bring the piece to your mouth without having to hold more than one utensils. Alternatively, you can use it to cut salads and veggies and use the fork to hold them together and put them onto plate.

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo

Please watch the video and read the slides before your next lesson in Term 1 Week 3.

The video will give you a sense of the traits of a successful innovator, Steve Jobs.

Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs (YouTube Video)

Also, there is a set of slides explaining the 7 Principles on the internet. The url link is as below.

Slides on the 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Friday, 18 January 2013

Crazy Invention of Japan (Rikesh)


Butter Stick

Alternative Use:

I think those that like to eat butter a lot can spread it on their tongue:)

Crazy Invention (By Sneha Vinod)

I feel that this is a good invention as people can easily access their mobile phones easily. You can just open up the pocket in your pants and start using your phone without taking it out.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crazy inventions(veena dinesh wadhwani)

This is put on your fingers so that you will not injure yourself while you are chopping vegetables,meat or other food. An alternative use is that it can also be used to protect your fingers when you are using the hammer so that you will not hurt yourself.

Innovation marcus choy

What i think about innovation through mind map.
It can help to sweep the floor without bending down.

Describing innovation through pic,words and a video.

Innovation to me is to be creative,think out of the box,  modify a object to make it better and how it could help people.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


The bread heater

This is a bread heater in which only heat is being used to toast the bread up. While being toasted, you can cut the bread into slices.

The alternative ways

The heater can be put in a box to create a water heater in which the heater rotates with a fixed amount of temperature to heat the water.
It can be made into fan blades to dry our wet clothes.

crazy invention- olivia monteiro (2)

I feel that this is a very useful tool as people can use it to remove the seeds out of fruits very easily. When using this, it is a lot less messy and you won't get your hands dirty.
Alternative use: It can be used as a whole puncher as well.

I think that they could make it electronic such that people can just press a button and the tool automatically presses down,so that it is more child and elderly friendly and they do not need to use strength to use the tool.

CRAZY invention video by Tan Hong Kai

CRAZY Invention by Tan Hong Kai

Ever wondered how can we reuse a broken or spoilt shopping cart and turn it into something cool,crazy,fun yet useful? Then this is what you are waiting for! This bicycle is eco-friendly as is does not pollute the air.It is a mix with a shopping cart and a bike.

I think they should install something like an umbrella to protect the driver from getting wet when raining,and put a torch in fornt to act as a headlamp,even if the driver go out in the dark,he will still be able to see where is he going.

Done by Jonathan Liew

everyone put your name on your slide/presentation

I&E work by Jonathan Liew

ge light bulb

Natural Light Bulb

Inventor: General Electric Lighting
Ever notice how ordinary light bulbs cast a yellowish glow around your rooms? The new GE Reveal bulbs produce a crisper, whiter light that is much closer to natural sunlight and makes colors look brighter. Ideal for kitchens or work areas around the home, the powder-blue bulbs are no more expensive than regular ones. The secret ingredient is neodymium, a rare earth element that is baked into the glass to help filter out the usual yellow hue.
Availability: Now, for $3 to $4 for a four-pack.

I feel that GE(General Electric) can make a change to their products. This is the first product by GE, that is also made by the founder of GE, our well-known Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is well known for his invention but I feel that it still can have an improvement. I feel that the light bulb can have a self electricity generating ability which would enable the GE light bulb to use renewable sources of electricity to recharge it while it is not being used in the day in which a mini solar panel would be left outside the window,(connected to the window) to charge the light bulb, then it will be ready for night time.

Crazy invention- Henry lee (11)

                                       Rotating bench

This bench is very useful after rainy days but what if the chair wet side doesn't dry in time?
Here is what i suggest:
So i suggest to put a heater inside the chair. This will also allow the people sitting on top to get warm if they are feeling cold. Of course, you can control the temperature of the heater that is facing up.

Here is the alternate use:
Since we also want to create a better environment without litters, we could add in a drawer bin underneath the bench so that they can throw away the litters into the bins.

Even so it is a bench, we could modify it such that we could use it as clothes dryer as the heater in the bench could heat up the clothes thus drying them and the rotating function make sure that both side of the clothes is being heated at the same time. This will allowed users to use it anytime anywhere and you don't have to wait for the sun to come out to dry your clothes anymore.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Describe Innovation

Hi Class, 

 Describe innovation in words (not more than 20) and slogans, pictures, diagrams, formula, metaphor etc. for easy understanding

                Find from YouTube an innovation that fit your description.

                Submission deadline: by next Tuesday, 9:00pm

Time needed for this question: 45 mins to 1 hour.
Due Date: Tues, 22 Jan

Mr. Hiap

Alternative use of 'Crazy Invention'

Hello Class, 

Post your answers by next Tuesday:
i) Include the picture of the 'Crazy Invention' (Note: no unacceptable images / inventions).
ii) How your 'Crazy Invention' can be used differently (e.g. for a different application).

Time needed for this question: about 15 mins.
Due Date: Tues, 22 Jan

Mr. Hiap 

Welcome S1-05

Hello Class, 

Welcome to your class' IE blog.

You will be posting up your assignment / homework and related research information to this page.

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