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Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Underlying Causes (Term 2 Week 2)

Hello Sec 1-05,

The 2 assignments for this week:

Both assignments - Date Due: Friday, 5 April. Submit to Elvis and Elvis to place in my letter tray by 1:00pm.

*1) Underlying Causes for the transport problem
 i) in what ways might I reduce the time for traveling?
ii) How might we reduce the congestion on our roads?
iii) How can we reduce the crowds in MRT at peak hours?

*written on foolscap, stapled with the C4IP.
Do attempt the C4IP questions on page 2. Write your questions if you have any besides the question itself.

**2) Underlying Causes for the smoking problem 
**Typed, printed (double-sided).

Name: _______________________________________ Class: Sec 1 ______

Problem Statement (IWWMW, HMW, HCW)
Eg. In what ways might we get people to quit smoking?

Challenge Statement (WIBGI, WIBNI)
Eg. Wouldn’t it be nice if Singapore is a smoke free city?

Causes of Problem (Evidence Based)
Give at least 5 causes to the problem you have stated above from different perspectives. Number your causes and put the perspectives in brackets.

Eg. 1. People are not fully informed of the harms caused by smoking. (Education)

Select one of the causes and find out what is the underlying cause for it. Show the use of the Ladder of Whys to help you surface the underlying causes.
Eg. People are not fully informed of the harms caused by smoking. (Education)

Why: There are not enough campaigns and health messages to inform the public of the harms smoking can cause.

Why: i) There is not enough funds.
        ii) The government agencies feel that smoking is not a critical problem
            yet in our society to cause any problem.
       iii) The government feels that the people are already adequately informed
            through the health education in primary schools.

Why: .i) The government feels that it is not a priority. (Finance)
         ii) The number of smokers in Singapore is small and the costs to health
             care due to smoking is manageable. Also the current policies on
             raising the costs of cigarettes through tax and restricting the areas for
             smoking is sufficient to deter people from picking up smoking.
             (Population, Costs, Government Policies)
        iii) The topic on smoking in the health education package in primary
             schools is comprehensive and all students in Singapore would
             already know the harms of smoking. (Education)

Find the underlying causes for the causes of problem that you had written above and state the perspectives in brackets as shown in the example.

[Mon 1.4.13] Root cause analysis

What is Root Cause Analysis?

How to find the underlaying cause
Learning to find out the underlying cause
Fever is only a Symptom
Treat the symptom only for relief

Root cause analysis Basics

Symptom of the problem "The Weed" Above the surface (obvious)
The underlying causes

"The root" 
Below the surface (not obvious)


Wouldn't it be nice if I can be happier?

Problem Statement

In what ways might I free up more time for myself to do the things I wanted to do but has no time to do?

How to find the root causes? - The ladders of "WHY?"s

Have to help children with their homework (family commitments)
Do house work on alternate nights (family commitments)

Why do you have to help the children with their homework and do housework?

No money to send my children for private tuition and employ a maid

Why is there not enough money?

Low paying job (nature of job) and high expenses on technological gadgets

Why are you spending so much on technological gadgets?

Attracted to new technology (Interest)

Challenge Wouldn't it be nice if the transport system can be better?
King Kong 1933

[Mon 25.3.12] Challenges & Problems

Challenges and Problems

To understand and distinguish between challenges and problems
To formulate a relationship between challenges and problems
To use a framework to evaluate problem to decide if it is worth pursuing
Is it a challenge for Trainer? IF people do not pay attention
"make them feel a sense of motivation and ownership" some say.

Difference between challenges and Problems?
What are challenges or problems?
And: Challenges are broad while problems are specific.

CHALLENGE statement
Wouldn't it be great IF we can make Singapore a cleaner place to live in?
PROBLEM statement
In what ways might we …...
How might we…...
How can we…...

Problem Statement
Question form -  a good problem poses a question rather than making a statement
Invites Ideas - a good problem statement invites you to generate many rich ideas
Free of Limiting Criteria - it should not box you in or limit your thinking by begin filled with limitations, restrictions, qualifications, or criteria
Concisely Stated - it should be brief and to the point so it will be easily understood and readily used as a starting point for generating ideas.

CP4I Framework
Sorting criteria

Change - If you do not work on the is problem now, what will happen? Will the situation deteriorate or become worse? Might it become much more difficult to work on at a future time?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Problem Statement and Challenge Statement

Hi Sec 1-05,

Here is more information about the handout given out to you:

Please take note of the following:
i) The Problem Statement should be worded as a question: to invite ideas & avoids closing the problem.
 Acronyms as below:
  • IWWMW: In what ways might we...?
  • HMW: How might we...?
  • HCW: How can we...?
ii) The Challenge Statement creates Opportunities.

Challenge Statement acronyms as below:
  • WIBGI: Wouldn't it be good if...?
  • WIBNI: Wouldn't it be nice if...?
Also complete the sorting criteria (CP4I Framework).

We will go through the handout next Monday, 1 April.

Happy Easter!
Mr. Hiap

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Look for a problem in our society/world that you would like  to help solve, this problem must lead to some form of social innovation preferably in the form of product innovation

Lesson [13.3.13] Social Innovation project… :D

Social Innovation

So what is Social innovation?

Social innovation refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas, and organisations that meet social needs of all kinds; from working conditions and educations and education to community development and health, which eventually extends and strengthen civil society.

What are the some of the problems you know around you? Can you name a few?

Some of the problems are…
-Long queues at the Supermarket
-Crowded and less frequent MRT
-Car mirrors having a blind spot

Problems into Questions "What if?" "How?"
Form a question after watching the video

Do go to Ashoka website for video for social innovation ideas and social projects.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Debate - Does the net does more or less harm to us?

Does internet do more harm or less harm on us?

2 teams 
Affirmative Team 
Negative Team 

Affirmative team

Internet has educational websites for us. We can use search engines to get answers for what we want. We also use Facebook, Google+ to communicate with each other even if we are from different parts of the world so it is pretty useful. We can use search engines to get any answers such as for Science, Maths, etc… though we need to check their sources so that they are reliable. Feel that internet is good, as we can do anything we could ever want from communicating to 
Abusing the internet such as watching pornographic videos and images, are becoming relatively more but it could be prevented with people using the internet responsibly. 

Negative team

Internet is harmful, because there a rising number of people addicted to internet and internet related games especially social networking sites. Most importantly, pornographic things.
Also there are also explicit images or videos could be found with using search engines, youtube, and social networking sites. With internet, there are also hackers and news such as companies being hacked are beginning to rise.
With photos on internet, you might get attacked or used against you which is not good for people.
Some people might abuse the internet and doing "illegal" things and could harm the world. Also, students might also use internet to cheat in tests also.

[6.3.13] Think differently - Multiple Perspectives

Think different - multiple perspectives

Quick recap: Perception is NOT equal to Reality

Perspective, pessimist see difficulty in opportunity while a optimist see opportunity in difficulty.

Focus of lesson

Innovation requires thinking differently from multiple perspective. Problems present SOLUTIONS, Solutions present PROBLEMS


With multiple perspectives and collaboration, they we would be able to 'see' the big picture. See this elephant picture
ANS: All of them are correct. It is only a matter of perception.

Perception VS Reality

Taking only 1 perceptive will not give you the correct picture/ understanding. Therefore look from different angles to give a bigger picture (holistic approach) of the problems/situation.

Is there a perfect solution to problems?
What happens in an imperfect solution?

Debate - refer to the debate post above!