Sunday, 31 March 2013

[Mon 1.4.13] Root cause analysis

What is Root Cause Analysis?

How to find the underlaying cause
Learning to find out the underlying cause
Fever is only a Symptom
Treat the symptom only for relief

Root cause analysis Basics

Symptom of the problem "The Weed" Above the surface (obvious)
The underlying causes

"The root" 
Below the surface (not obvious)


Wouldn't it be nice if I can be happier?

Problem Statement

In what ways might I free up more time for myself to do the things I wanted to do but has no time to do?

How to find the root causes? - The ladders of "WHY?"s

Have to help children with their homework (family commitments)
Do house work on alternate nights (family commitments)

Why do you have to help the children with their homework and do housework?

No money to send my children for private tuition and employ a maid

Why is there not enough money?

Low paying job (nature of job) and high expenses on technological gadgets

Why are you spending so much on technological gadgets?

Attracted to new technology (Interest)

Challenge Wouldn't it be nice if the transport system can be better?
King Kong 1933

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