Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Debate - Does the net does more or less harm to us?

Does internet do more harm or less harm on us?

2 teams 
Affirmative Team 
Negative Team 

Affirmative team

Internet has educational websites for us. We can use search engines to get answers for what we want. We also use Facebook, Google+ to communicate with each other even if we are from different parts of the world so it is pretty useful. We can use search engines to get any answers such as for Science, Maths, etc… though we need to check their sources so that they are reliable. Feel that internet is good, as we can do anything we could ever want from communicating to 
Abusing the internet such as watching pornographic videos and images, are becoming relatively more but it could be prevented with people using the internet responsibly. 

Negative team

Internet is harmful, because there a rising number of people addicted to internet and internet related games especially social networking sites. Most importantly, pornographic things.
Also there are also explicit images or videos could be found with using search engines, youtube, and social networking sites. With internet, there are also hackers and news such as companies being hacked are beginning to rise.
With photos on internet, you might get attacked or used against you which is not good for people.
Some people might abuse the internet and doing "illegal" things and could harm the world. Also, students might also use internet to cheat in tests also.

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