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Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Underlying Causes (Term 2 Week 2)

Hello Sec 1-05,

The 2 assignments for this week:

Both assignments - Date Due: Friday, 5 April. Submit to Elvis and Elvis to place in my letter tray by 1:00pm.

*1) Underlying Causes for the transport problem
 i) in what ways might I reduce the time for traveling?
ii) How might we reduce the congestion on our roads?
iii) How can we reduce the crowds in MRT at peak hours?

*written on foolscap, stapled with the C4IP.
Do attempt the C4IP questions on page 2. Write your questions if you have any besides the question itself.

**2) Underlying Causes for the smoking problem 
**Typed, printed (double-sided).

Name: _______________________________________ Class: Sec 1 ______

Problem Statement (IWWMW, HMW, HCW)
Eg. In what ways might we get people to quit smoking?

Challenge Statement (WIBGI, WIBNI)
Eg. Wouldn’t it be nice if Singapore is a smoke free city?

Causes of Problem (Evidence Based)
Give at least 5 causes to the problem you have stated above from different perspectives. Number your causes and put the perspectives in brackets.

Eg. 1. People are not fully informed of the harms caused by smoking. (Education)

Select one of the causes and find out what is the underlying cause for it. Show the use of the Ladder of Whys to help you surface the underlying causes.
Eg. People are not fully informed of the harms caused by smoking. (Education)

Why: There are not enough campaigns and health messages to inform the public of the harms smoking can cause.

Why: i) There is not enough funds.
        ii) The government agencies feel that smoking is not a critical problem
            yet in our society to cause any problem.
       iii) The government feels that the people are already adequately informed
            through the health education in primary schools.

Why: .i) The government feels that it is not a priority. (Finance)
         ii) The number of smokers in Singapore is small and the costs to health
             care due to smoking is manageable. Also the current policies on
             raising the costs of cigarettes through tax and restricting the areas for
             smoking is sufficient to deter people from picking up smoking.
             (Population, Costs, Government Policies)
        iii) The topic on smoking in the health education package in primary
             schools is comprehensive and all students in Singapore would
             already know the harms of smoking. (Education)

Find the underlying causes for the causes of problem that you had written above and state the perspectives in brackets as shown in the example.

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