Sunday, 31 March 2013

[Mon 25.3.12] Challenges & Problems

Challenges and Problems

To understand and distinguish between challenges and problems
To formulate a relationship between challenges and problems
To use a framework to evaluate problem to decide if it is worth pursuing
Is it a challenge for Trainer? IF people do not pay attention
"make them feel a sense of motivation and ownership" some say.

Difference between challenges and Problems?
What are challenges or problems?
And: Challenges are broad while problems are specific.

CHALLENGE statement
Wouldn't it be great IF we can make Singapore a cleaner place to live in?
PROBLEM statement
In what ways might we …...
How might we…...
How can we…...

Problem Statement
Question form -  a good problem poses a question rather than making a statement
Invites Ideas - a good problem statement invites you to generate many rich ideas
Free of Limiting Criteria - it should not box you in or limit your thinking by begin filled with limitations, restrictions, qualifications, or criteria
Concisely Stated - it should be brief and to the point so it will be easily understood and readily used as a starting point for generating ideas.

CP4I Framework
Sorting criteria

Change - If you do not work on the is problem now, what will happen? Will the situation deteriorate or become worse? Might it become much more difficult to work on at a future time?

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