Tuesday, 5 March 2013

[6.3.13] Think differently - Multiple Perspectives

Think different - multiple perspectives

Quick recap: Perception is NOT equal to Reality

Perspective, pessimist see difficulty in opportunity while a optimist see opportunity in difficulty.

Focus of lesson

Innovation requires thinking differently from multiple perspective. Problems present SOLUTIONS, Solutions present PROBLEMS


With multiple perspectives and collaboration, they we would be able to 'see' the big picture. See this elephant picture
ANS: All of them are correct. It is only a matter of perception.

Perception VS Reality

Taking only 1 perceptive will not give you the correct picture/ understanding. Therefore look from different angles to give a bigger picture (holistic approach) of the problems/situation.

Is there a perfect solution to problems?
What happens in an imperfect solution?

Debate - refer to the debate post above!

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