Thursday, 29 August 2013

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair @ Nanyang Polytechnic

SST's Exhibit
Other Schools
Saint Joseph's Institution
Raffles Institution
Unknown School

Anderson Secondary School
West Grove Primary Schook

Unknown School

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Team Double Decker Bus Stop: Digital Poster, Images of Sketch-Up Creation, Link to CPS Report and Link to Presentation

Members: Henry Lee Jun (Group Leader)
                Rikesh Kumar Tiwari (Asst. Group Leader)
                Chan Wen Loong

1. Digital Poster Draft 1
Digital Poster Draft 2
Final Poster

2. Images of Sketch-Up Creation

3. Link to the CPS Report

4. Link to the Presentation

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Digital Poster

Dear all,
since I cannot upload the poster, I have sent it to Mr Hiap's email

Best regards,
Jonathan Liew
Leader of "Rubbish on Wheels"

Rubbish on Wheels

Hi all, this is my group's video of the blueprint of the rubbish collector.

Please enjoy!

Done by:
Jonathan Liew :)
Darren Wong
Tan Hong Kai
Andres Wong

Monday, 19 August 2013

I&E Groups

Please post your I&E Groups in the comments below. Then, I ail compile them again.

Red Dot Museum (Malcolm Taong)

It substitutes numbers and hour and minute hands.
It uses letters of numbers and lights to show the time.
It modified the normal design of the clock.
It can be used to display chosen numbers.
It eliminates the hands and number on the normal clocks.
It can rearrange the numbers for easy recognition.

I have learnt that you can design things in a different manner not just the way normal stuff look like

Red dot museum (marcus)

Combine: it combines the bird and the lamp.Modify: It modified the normal ls lamp design.Put to other use: I can be a study lamp at home.Eliminate: The usual shape of a normal lamp.Rearrange: It is place together so it looks like a flock of bird.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Week 8 (19 - 23 Aug) and Week 9 (26 - 30 Aug)

Hello All, 

Here are the deliverables for each group for the upcoming two weeks:

i) Presentation Slides – Students are required to include Google SketchUp of their model in their presentation.
ii) Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Report
iii) Digital Poster
iv) Speaker Presentation (over two weeks: Week 8 and 9)

Each group will be asked a maximum of 2 questions. 

Each lesson will have 3 to 4 groups presenting. Each member must present a segment of the project. Total presentation time: 7-8 minutes.

Class IE Rep to assign the sequence of the presentation groups.

The slides for Digital Poster are available on the Sec IE Google Site.

There will be a briefing about the upcoming Exploring Entreprenuership (non-residential) Camp during the IE lesson.

Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Hiap

Monday, 12 August 2013

Good or Bad Speaker?

Good or a Bad Speaker?
What things contribute to either good or a bad speaker? How will these effect your presentation to the public?

From both videos, first as the girl's, and second as the Josh Light's

1st video

Good points
Bad points
Tone (Mumbling, Too much pauses)
No eye contact

2nd video

Good points

Bad points

Use Word Wonders!
-Steve Jobs' MacBook Air Intro

Playing with the word Air
"There is something in the air. What is it?"

Reinforcing the Quality of Apple Notebook
"Apple makes the best notebook on the planet"

Presenter Traits
Knows his/her product well
Speaks clearly and confidently
Engages his audience by asking rhetorical questions
Eye contact with audience
Gets audience attention

Red Dot Museum Reflections -Henry Lee Jun

This is the AirTube Earphones. It stops the music when you pull it out of your ears and will start playing if you put it in your ears. This is very convenience as sometime the place you are in is very crowded thus very difficult to stop the music, so this is very helpful.

Red Dot Museum Post

Substitute: It substitutes numbers and hour and minute hands
Combine: It combines light and letters
Adapt: It adapts light in it
Modify: It modifyed the normal clock design
Put to other use: It can also be used in SST Classrooms instead of the digital clocks
Eliminate: It eliminates numbers and the clock hands
Rearrange: Maybe it can rearrange its word in a better manner

Learn From It:
I have learnt that design can be better made and interesting 

Although I did not go for the trip, I have a picture

My Favourite Exhibit
It is a clock which uses letters and lights to display the time. It is very nice as in the dark, it also shows the time in  words


Hi Class,

Please post your digital poster up here, thank you!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Presentations - Great kind


A good presentation is for communicating your points to the audience, or a customer. It is essential to take note of your actions.
Some of the things to take in consideration are:

  • Asking Rhectoral Questions
  • Simple Slides including Visual objects such as Pictures, info graphics
  • Attire
  • Clarity, including Emphasis, Speed, Understandable
  • Stage Presence which is the movement on the stage of course