Friday, 16 August 2013

Week 8 (19 - 23 Aug) and Week 9 (26 - 30 Aug)

Hello All, 

Here are the deliverables for each group for the upcoming two weeks:

i) Presentation Slides – Students are required to include Google SketchUp of their model in their presentation.
ii) Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Report
iii) Digital Poster
iv) Speaker Presentation (over two weeks: Week 8 and 9)

Each group will be asked a maximum of 2 questions. 

Each lesson will have 3 to 4 groups presenting. Each member must present a segment of the project. Total presentation time: 7-8 minutes.

Class IE Rep to assign the sequence of the presentation groups.

The slides for Digital Poster are available on the Sec IE Google Site.

There will be a briefing about the upcoming Exploring Entreprenuership (non-residential) Camp during the IE lesson.

Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Hiap

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