Thursday, 31 January 2013

Homework (Term1, Week 4)

1. Infinite Space
What is the video trying to tell you about innovation? View the video here

2. Give an example of a connection between 2 things and how one / two of them inspired an innovation. (You can include pictures by uploading as a separate post).

3. Post your comments on what you think about the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” by Leonardo Da Vinci

Post your comments (include your name, question number) as a thread to this post.

Date Due: Tuesday, 5 February, 9:00pm


  1. 1) I think it tells me that although that apartment was very small,with innovation it can still be nice.
    2) glue and paper.people thought that it will be good if they can stick paper to remind themself of something so they invented "post it "
    3) being simple and original is the best.

  2. 1) It tells me about that innovation is limitless
    2) Rubber and metal wheels. People thought that putting rubber on the metal rims of the wheels will make it more suitable and more traction to drive so they decided to make it known as a 'wheel'
    3)Being simple allows a wider variety of people to understand your product

  3. 1) It tells me that as long as there is innovation, you will be able to create something special yet convenient for you.
    2)(I am not sure)
    3) I think it means that being simple is better as it is easier for people to understand.

  4. 1) It tells me that with great innovation, you can make anything possible. As for this room, although it is very small, you have everything you need for your daily life in a compact space.
    2) Tires made with strong material(not sure) which is hexagon. The tire will never go flat even if it was shot at.
    3) If something simple can serve the purpose of something that is complex, then the simple is more sophisticated. If something cannot be further simplified, then that is ultimate sophistication.