Saturday, 5 October 2013

I&E Bazaar

Materials needed:
1. Tables (X2)
2. Cups (X3)
3. NERF Gun (X2)
4. Markers (X4)
5. Ping Pong Balls (X3)
6. Tennis Balls (X2)
7. Boxes (X20)
8. Cardboard (X10)
9. Loud speaker (X2)
10. Nothbooks (

Chief Executive Officer: Jonathan Liew
Finance Manager: Veena Dinesh Wadhwani
Marketing Manager: Sneha Vinod
Production Manager: Pang Zhi Kai
Operation Manager: Wong Zhen Yang & Olivia Monteiro Chuanxi

PART A (Preparation)
For the reception, have 1 table. The Finance Manager, Veena Dinesh Wadhwani, will be there, selling the coupons.

Pang Zhi Kai, the Production Manager, will have to be stationed at the stall, next to Veena Dinesh Wadhwani, attending to the customers. He will be in charge of maintaining that the customers are served, and as it is a game station, he is the main player in the success of this stall.

The Marketing Manager, Sneha Vinod will be the one who makes all the posters, advertisements, and other ways to attract customers to our stall. However, she may be free during the actual day itself and she will be helping Pang Zhi Kai with the games, but part 2.

Wong Zhen Yang & Olivia Monterio Chuanxi are both the Publicity Managers. They are to attract customers to our booth and persuade others to play our games. Therefore, to get other's attention, they will be equipped with a Loud speaker each. Also, Wong Zhen Yang may have some "cardboard clothes" on him, where it will display "COME TO S1-05's BOOTH NOW AND YOU MAY BE THE LUCKY WINNER OF A NERF GUN!"

As for me, I am the Chief Executive Officer, and I will be in charge of this entire project. I will have to make sure that everyone is ready and prepared for their roles and scold them if I have to.

The game is played like this:
The customers queue up at the first table, where Veena Dinesh Wadhwani is stationed, They will pay her $2 for 2 "BULLETS OF LUCK" and $5 for 6 "BULLETS OF LUCK"
With the coupons, they will pass it to  Pang Zhi Kai and he will make arrangements to allow the customers to proceed on and play the game.

The customer will have a NERF gun and they will have to shoot down the cups placed infront of them on the table. The cup they shoot down will have a ping pong ball inside, with a few words inscribed on them. Those words will affect the person's game.
eg. Person A plays. He shoots a cup down with a you win. He gets a prize

The second part of the game will be where if you shoot down a cup and the ping pong ball with the words inscribed "Go to the next level". It will be Sneha Vinod manning that area. The part she will be playing is where a few pictures are drawn on cardboard and cut out. Then, they will be pasted on the boxes. (The boxes are those which are found in the staff room) The player will have to knock down the most boxes with only 2 tennis balls.

Finally, once the game is over, Sneha Vinod or Pang Zhi Kai will get the name, class of the player and write his score down. At the end of the day, the highest scorer will win a NERF Gun.

Amount of money required (Estimate): Around $100
                                                       >Not confirmed


  1. Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for the post.

    There should be one role per shift, so with 5 shifts, there will be 5 CEOs, 5 Finance, 5 Publicity, 5 Marketing, 5 Operations.
    Please post up the names of the roles ASAP.

    The coupons will be pre-ordered: a namelist given out to each class. Students pre-order copuons (e.g. STUDENT A orders $10/-), the class order of coupons will be given out on that IE Bazaar Day itself to the Class Chairperson. Class Chairperson will be distributed to the student (e.g. STUDENTS A received her $10/- worth of coupons).

    Coupon denominations: $1.00 and $0.50.

    Some questions?
    What are the prizes for the '1st Level'?
    Who is buying the prizes?
    How many prizes do you need?
    Have the prizes been bought?

    Are the 'Bullets of Luck' all the same?
    Do you have more Nerf Guns to allow more players at the same time?
    How to keep the cups / bullets from flying to far (to allow faster reset of game booth).

    Pls respond to this post if there are other queries.

    Mr. Hiap

    1. Dear Mr Hiap,
      My appologies as I only know those roles within my group and the other CEOs:
      Me, Marcus Choy, Chan Wen Loong and Anapana Dinesh Kumar. I am unsure with the rest of the class's roles and will ask Elvis about that.

      Also, for the 1st level, I think we will buy pens or notebooks. There are 3 cups and if u shoot u win, you get a pen. If u shoot the go to the next round, you compete and you will get to have your name written down on the board, which we may borrow from the school. The "you lose" will mean that you do not get anything. Hoving 2 cups of you win something or have the chance to win the nerf gun. This will attract more people to our stall instead of a stall that has 2 u lose and 1 u win.

      Our whole group will go out one of the days and buy the prizes. Then we will claim from the school.

      We will need around 50-70 prizes.

      No prizes have been bought at this moment and we are only at the plannig stage. We are still unsure if we will add more stages to the game.

      After talking to you today, I actually thought about the "bullets of luck" thing and I think that we will have something like this(If we are allowed to do it):
      Person A does not pay any extra but just pays $1.
      > He will get a rubberband to shoot the cups.
      Person B pays extra $1 and he will get a weak NERF gun to shoot with.
      Person C pays extra $2 and he will get a very good NERF gun to shoot with.

      We think that with the current shortage of funds, having another booth for NERF guns will be a far stretch.

      Also, the white board will be positioned behind Zhi Kai, who will be maning that area. The bullets will just hit the white board and bounce on the floor. This will save time picking up the bullets.

      Finally, I think adding another booth may affect the total amount, changing it to a price of about $120.(approx)

      Thank you for your time.

      Best regards,
      Jonathan Liew

  2. Hello S1-05,

    Another problem, there are too many Nerf Gun-type games. You will have to think of another type of game.

    Better think Wednesday, 9 October, the class has to decide on the type of game and details of how it is played.

    Mr. Hiap

  3. Dear Mr. Hiap,
    We could also use balls to shoot down the objects down instead of actually using the NERF guns to shoot them down.
    However, not using NERF guns may not be as attractive.
    That would be the only problem. However, we can still have a NERF gun as a prize

    Best regards,
    Jonathan Liew