Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: Hits, Hot Spots, Synthesis, Analysis, Divergence, Convergence

Hello Class,

To review:
  • Hits - To select promising or intriguing possibilities (these are usually higher ranked on your 'New Discoveries / Inventions / Innovations' worksheet.
  • Hot Spots - Clustering, categorizing, organizing, or compressing them in meaningful ways.
  • Synthesis - Putting ideas together
  • Analysis - Breaking problems apart
  • Divergence - Creating choices
  • Convergence -Making Choices
Within your group of 4-5 students, create a simple 1-minute video to connect your 3 'Discoveries / Inventions / Innovations' into a story.

The video should be clear (audio as well as visual) before uploading to the class IE blog. Take note that all videos must observe the 4Rs.

Due Date: Wednesday, 27th Feb.

Mr. Hiap

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