Sunday, 21 April 2013

[22.4.13] Paired Comparison Analysis

Paired Comparison Analysis

Enduring Understandings

  1. It may be sufficient to focus on only one solution.
  2. THere are methods to decide which is the best solution

Recap of Creative Problem Solving

  1. Problem solving is a process.
  2. What are the steps in the Creative PRoblem Solving (CPS) process?
  3. What are the tools that you have learnt for the CPD process?
  4. How are these tools used?

Steps for CPS

Step 1: Understanding the Challenges
Step 2: Identify Underlying Causes and the Root Cause
Step 3: Produce Solution Ideas
Step 4: Select Criteria
Step 5: Application of Criteria
Step 6: Develop an action plan

Evaluation matrix :Selection Criteria

A group of criteria is used to analyse the effectiveness of the solutions and select the best solution.
Each criterion should have a different focus
E.g. Choosing a sports shoe: your 3 criteria could be

  • Cost
  • Function
  • Appeal


  • How do you select evaluations criteria?
  • What happens if the evaluation criteria is good/ bad?


Work on the Creative Problem Solving worksheet and think of as many causes and underlying causes for the problem you had selected as you can and post them as comments.
Then, group with people who are similar and do the rest of the worksheet. Please GIVE the group members to Elvis via the comments.