Monday, 29 July 2013

I&E Digital Poster

This week, complete a Digital Poster.
By next Monday

1. Original - Something eye-catching that makes the public want to stop and read it (colour, pictures, drawings, unusual shape, etc.)

2. Simple - Put 1-2 basic points on each poster.

3. Colourful. - Use colour for emphasis, variety, and to get and hold attention. But use colours sparingly.

4. Organised -make your points easy to read and follow.

5. Readable - If using more than 5-6 words, use both capital and lower case letters rather than only capital letters.

6. Educational - Use a poster when it helps explain a point more clearly to your audience.

7. Spaced - space areas between letters adequately. Use 1.5 letter width between words and 3 letter widths between sentences. Margins should be larger on the bottom and equal on the other 3 sides.

8. Neat

9. Accurate - spelling and a lli information should be correct.

10. Elements and Principles of Design.

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